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September 16, 2019

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Job Title

Health Coach

My role at Kinela.

My role consists of monthly check-in calls with our customers to work towards achieving their own health goals. I also create customised meal plans tailored to customer preferences and personalised health goals. Lastly, you can find me answering calls as part of the customer service team. There is always something keeping me busy!

Why I’m passionate about Kinela.

I am passionate about Kinela as I also believe that better health belongs to everyone. Regardless of someone’s health or circumstance, everyone should have the ability to access better health. The notion that prevention is better than cure is something that I truly care about and I love working alongside our customers to help them reach their full health potential.

Which Kinela value speaks to me the most.

Acting with integrity is the Kinela value that I try to encompass every day. I always strive to think critically and do what’s right over what’s easy. Maintaining honesty and transparency throughout all my interactions with our customers creates a foundation of trust. This enables us to help create a genuine connection and therefore better help support our customers achieve their health goals and aspirations.

My favourite memory from working at Kinela.

There have been so many special moments at Kinela but one that stands out would be going to expos and meeting some of our customers and other service providers. It really grounded me and put into perspective again the work we do and how it affects others on a community level. The work we do is really important to ensure everyone has access to better health.

My favourite Kinela meal.

There are too many to choose from but right now it has to be the Buffalo Chicken Poppers. Juicy pieces of chicken in a BBQ-style sauce – just the best.

How I maintain my health and wellbeing.

I enjoy going to the gym and being outdoors in nature when I can. Other times I find being by the ocean to be incredibly relaxing and refreshing. Surrounding myself with good company and good food always works too!

How I spend my free time.

On the weekends you can usually find me outdoors on a hike, or getting out and about at the local markets. I also enjoy a good movie and board game nights with friends.

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