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August 26, 2019

Get to know the friendly people who are helping deliver your meals and clinical services.



Job Title


My role at Kinela.

As a dietitian, I motivate clients to optimise their nutrition by creating positive changes in their food intake and eating behaviours. To make Kinela’s services accessible to everyone, I visit clients at their homes, in cafes, at day programs or via phone. During my consultations, I use my expertise in nutrition to help my clients define individual health goals and develop a plan of action. There isn’t a one size fits all approach, so I always consider the unique beliefs, values and circumstances of the client to ensure we achieve sustainable change.

Why I’m passionate about Kinela.

I am passionate about Kinela because it gives me the opportunity to connect with clients and their families or carers on a personal level. I am able to help them improve their lives by sharing my knowledge about using food as medicine, a philosophy which drew me to a career in dietetics. Like me, every Kinela team member cares deeply about their role to help others to achieve good health, wellbeing, and access to healthcare. I am inspired every day.

Which Kinela value speaks to me the most.

Courage. The NDIS can be a complex system and the science around food and nutrition is always changing. At Kinela, we need courage to rise to every challenge or change, embrace it and adapt so we can offer our clients the best experience and service.

My favourite memory from working at Kinela.

My favorite memory was sitting on the rooftop of the Kinela office with the allied health team taste testing our up-and-coming meals! It was exciting to collaborate with the rest of the allied health team and try some of the tasty new meal options.

My favourite Kinela meal.

The Naked Beet & Chickpea Burger is my favourite! It’s filling, tasty and is a great vegetarian source of protein. I particularly love the different textures of the lentil and quinoa salad.

How I maintain my health and wellbeing.

I strive to maintain balance in my life. Work, socialising, moving my body, relaxing and eating well- but when I don’t get the balance quite right, I am forgiving and kind to myself!

How I spend my free time.

I spend my free time going for runs or at the gym, meeting friends and family for coffee and good food, walking in the sunshine and by the water. I give my dog plenty of love and sift through blogs and cookbooks for new recipe ideas.

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