Summer lunchtime just got a salad makeover!

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November 19, 2019

Warm weather calls for refreshing meals that are tasty, healthy and enjoyable during the hot summer days!

Salads are one way to beat the heat, where refreshing ingredients like vegetables are the stars! They’re also an excellent way to enjoy fruits, wholegrains, legumes, lean meats and dairy, supporting a well-balanced diet.

This summer, we are so excited to share with you, a brand new summer salad menu for you to enjoy!

This time, we want to make things easier for you by ditching the microwave. The new summer salad range requires no heating up and can be eaten once defrosted. This way, when you head outside this summer, simply toss a salad in your Kinela cooler bag with an ice block and away you go.

Each salad has been created to enhance your experience of ready-made meals, by providing a new and refreshing approach. Be prepared for lean meats, chickpeas, wholegrains, feta cheese, sweet potato, pumpkin, currants and more.

Kinela’s summer salad range

The new Kinela salads on an outdoor table surrounded by fresh vegetables

Chicken Nourish Salad

Five spice chicken tenderloins on a quinoa, sweet potato, beetroot & coriander salad topped with sesame seeds.

Beef Wagyu & Sweet Potato Salad

Succulent shaved wagyu beef, roasted sweet potato and chickpeas on a brown rice, feta, beetroot, almond and parsley leaf salad.

Lamb & Ancient Grains Salad

Tender shaved lamb, broccoli & sweet dijon dressing on a pumpkin, lentil & ancient grains salad.

Chicken Couscous Salad

Moroccan spiced chicken on a couscous, chickpea & sweet potato salad, tossed with red onion, green peas and currants.

Ready to order

We can’t wait for you to try these healthy summer salads. Your new range of meals are ready to order now!

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More information on the salad range can be found here.

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