It’s all recyclable

Together we’re reducing our environmental impact and you no longer have to worry about
your boxes being picked up – just reuse or dispose of the boxes in your normal recycling.

New look delivery box.

From 9 December 2019, your box has a new look and feel. No more bulky boxes that need to be picked up and end up in landfill – simply place in recycling or reuse!

New thermal liners.

Your meals will stay safe and cool with new thermal liners. They are 100% recyclable – just deposit the liners at any RedCycle bin across Australia

New gel packs.

Your meals will stay cool with two gel packs. They are non-toxic and recyclable. Simply dispose of gel contents as per the guidelines shown below.

How do I responsibly dispose of my new packaging?

(Click on each box to learn how)




Frequently asked questions

We don’t want you stuck with any old boxes! Any old Kinela boxes you have will be collected for you until February 2020. All new cardboard boxes can simply go into your recycling or reused by you – no need for collection!

Food safety is our top priority. To ensure that these materials cannot be used again in future deliveries, simply dispose of them responsibly.

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